Heartbreak Hotel

Record-breaking MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET wowed sold-out audiences on Broadway and around the world. This is where the story begins...

The New Musical HEARTBREAK HOTEL is the prequel to the record setting "MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET", the TONY NOMINATED Broadway show that has been playing to sold-out houses since 2006.

It's 1954, and Sam Phillips meets the man who will one day be known as THE KING. Together they develop the music and find a sound that changes both their lives.     

Audiences will see a young romance they never knew about, the betrayal of the band that performed the music they love, and they'll meet 'Colonel' Tom Parker who changed the course of history in just 18 months.

From Memphis Truck Driver, to King of the World, ' the 'price' of fame... was the 'price' he paid. But, the music he found, changed the 'world' forever.  

Featuring many of THE KING's heartfelt songs you know and love.